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Book Blurb: Easy Bake Coven: A Vivienne Finch Magical Mystery by J. D. Shaw

Welcome to Cayuga Cove, a picturesque settlement in upstate  New York that could easily model for any folk-art style small town  painting.  Nestled amongst the  rambling Victorian-style homes and multi-hued row houses, Vivienne Finch has  been hard at work with the upcoming opening of her new bakery, Sweet Dreams.  Between baking batches of fresh cookies and cakes, she discovers a mysterious  black journal tucked in amongst her old cookbooks.  Inside the musty pages lies the real  story of Cayuga Cove’s founding by a coven of witches who escaped the Salem  hysteria of 1692.  Despite her best  efforts, everyone she shows the journal to sees nothing but blank pages.  Could there really be magic  afoot?

To make matters worse, the mayor’s wife, Mona Clarke, ruffles  one too many feathers by resurrecting the town’s historic commission.  Despite a lack of state funding, she  plans to force the local merchants of Main Street to foot the bill for a very  expensive facelift of their businesses to bring hordes of tourists and their  pocketbooks back to the sleepy town.  The day after a disastrous town council meeting, she is found dead inside  Vivienne’s dumpster causing an already tense situation to boil over into near  hysteria.    

As if that were not enough to deal with, her mother has setup  yet another blind date with the eligible new deputy in town, Joshua Arkins.  Charming and handsome, he is a man  desperate for a new future, yet one who refuses to speak of his past.  She nearly writes him off as a pretty  boy constable until she discovers that he is the only other person in town who  can read the actual journal contents.

Racing the clock, Vivienne must whip up a master plan to save her  business, the town, as well as her own skin when a devious killer develops  a sweet tooth and places an order for murder . . .her  own.

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This entry was posted on November 29, 2012 by in Book Blurb Contest.

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