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New Critique Service to Begin in November

Longing to know how to improve your writing?

First, Readers’ Realm is offering critiques in conjunction with our Flash Fiction and other monthly contests. We are now charging a $5 entry fee that will include a critique by two of our staffers. This will not be a line-by-line edit but an overall look at your piece with suggestions for improvement. These critiques will be sent to you when the winner of the contest is announced, usually the last day of the month.

Second, we will offer critiques of other types of work. Again, two staffers will work together on the critiques and you will receive this feedback within a few days of submission. This is an overall look at your piece with suggestions for improvement. The cost of this service will be $2 per page for up to five pages. A page equals 250 words. We will not accept anything longer than 5 pages or 1250 words. This can be part of your unpublished novel, a short story, or anything of a literary nature.

Why are the fees so reasonable? The goal of Readers’ Realm has always been to help our fellow writers. This is just another means for us to do so! One thing to keep in mind is that this will be on a first come, first serve basis. We may not be able to accept all submissions. We will be doing this on a monthly basis. Therefore, if we do not accept your work for critique in one particular month, you may resubmit again.

Here are the guidelines:

Readers’ Realm Flash Fiction Critique Service

For Whom: Those who have entered one of our monthly contests.
Cost: $5 entry fee
Type of Critique: A general evaluation of your story
Time Frame: The critiques will be sent out on the day the contest winner is announced, usually the last day of the month.
Submission Guidelines: See the monthly contest rules. We do ask you submit in the body of the email, not in an attachment.
Email to use for submission: Readers’ Realm

Method for Payment: Go here: Paypal for Flash Fiction Critiques and click on the Paypal button.

Critique Service for Other Work

For Whom: Anyone (We accept most genres except Erotica or any other type of pornography)
What: 5 pages of a story or work-in-progress (1250 words or less)
Cost: $2 per page
When you will receive your critique: One week or less from the date of submission
Submission Guidelines: Please submit in the body of an email and put “For Critique” in the subject area. Use a simple 12 pt font such as Arial or Times New Roman.

Email to use for submission and payment information (This is not the payment method for Flash Fiction entries!): Send your submission to Readers’ Realm. If we accept your submission for critique, we will send you an invoice. Remember that we are only able to accept a limited amount of work to critique.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below or email us at Readers’ Realm. We look forward to serving you!

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