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Review: Thundersnow by Sheila Hollinghead

Review by Pauline Creeden

Historical Fiction is a very popular genre that I read very little of. The fans who prefer this type of book  enjoy reading storiess with mores and cultures of a world gone by.

Typically, as a Science Fiction or Speculative Fiction buff, I tend to enjoy reading worlds that “could be” a little bit more.

But one of the few historical fiction books I have read of late (outside of the classics which were not necessarily historical fiction at the time of their penning) is Thundersnow, by Sheila Hollinghead.

What drew me to this book straight from the start is the unusual weather occurrence the title evokes.  I had never experienced this strange anomaly until a couple months after reading it for the first time. Having lightning fall all around you with gale force winds and visibility cutting snowfall is quite an memorable event.

Sarah Jane’s coming of age story pulled me in from page one. The tale of the abused young teen girl is one that could have been placed in our own time as easily as the Great Depression in which the story takes place. As I followed her trials and triumphs in this novel, I was in for an emotional roller coaster ride. The book literally left me breathless at some points and sobbing in others.

Overall this is a highly recommended book for readers coming of age and adults alike. The author is a former teacher, and has set up a list of discussion questions at her website. She offers free e-books or discounted paperbacks for those buying for educational purposes. Without question, this book is like a more modern Little House on the Prairie, and would be ideal as a home school read.


Buy: Thundersnow – only 99c at Amazon.com.

For a list of the discussion questions, visit: http://www.sheilahollinghead.com/p/discussion-questions-for-teachers-and.html

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This entry was posted on October 3, 2012 by in Book Reviews.

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