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Entry #9: The Wishing Pond

The Flash Fiction contest for August ends Friday. Voting begins Saturday. Let us know which one is your favorite.

What would she find today to add to her assortment of collectables? Maggie peered into the dark cave, almost blinded after having been in the bright sun on her hike here. She wanted something that would ignite some interest in her younger sister, confined to a wheelchair since that horrible accident six months ago. It gave Maggie a strange joy to find unusual things that would bring a sparkle to Sharilyn’s eyes.

Photo by morguefile.com user sideshowmom

Maggie shrugged on her jacket and clicked on the flashlight as she bent her head and entered the cave. She adored spelunking and uncovering hidden treasures and then describing her adventures to her sister who used to accompany her on these jaunts.

Stepping into this newly discovered cave, she scanned the walls for any secrets hidden within. It wasn’t until the entrance was no longer visible and her eyes had adjusted more to the dark that she saw writing on the walls. She pulled out some paper to to try to copy down the runes. Sharilyn would enjoy deciphering these ancient markings. Did cave men used to live here? Off in one corner she saw a fossil in the stone that looked like a lobster. She sketched that too.

Maggie looked ahead and turned off her flashlight when she spied a strange glow. She began to inch her way towards the light, her hands feeling along the wet rock. Hearing a stone shift, scatter ahead and then kerplunk in some water forced her light back. As she stepped closer to the illumination she noted that the floor seemed to disappear a few feet ahead of her.

She stepped to the edge, holding on to the damp wall of the cave and looked up at the hypethral above letting in the morning sun. Looking down she saw a pond of water. She kicked another loose stone into it. The water was crystal clear and the pond not too deep. Just the kind of spot she and Sharilyn would have sat in last summer to wiggle toes and share dreams.

Maggie sat down and pulled off her hiking sandals and sat on the edge basking in the sun and enjoying the cool water. She smiled to herself as she thought foolishly of wishing ponds and dreams. If only her sister could walk these paths with her once more. Did God hear prayers from caves? She closed her eyes and dreamed of what had been. She felt lonely without her sister. It just wasn’t right to be here without her.

Coming to herself a short time later she put her sandals back on. Seeing no way across the pool, she back tracked out of the cave, satisfied with her finds for the day and eager to show them to Sharilyn.
When she arrived back at the house, Maggie found no one home. Only a note on the kitchen table.

We took Sharilyn to see a new therapist. We will return later.

A new therapist?

A few weeks later, Maggie found herself arguing with her sister as they sat at the computer deciphering the runes from the cave.

“Take me to them, Maggie. I want to see for myself.”

“You can’t walk well enough yet. Mom would kill me if we did something so harebrained.”

“You can’t protect me forever, Mags.” Sharilyn’s chin was thrust out in that stubborn way all her own.

Maggie smiled and hugged her sister. Maybe God did hear and answer prayers whispered at wishing ponds after all.

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Writer, hoopdancer, photographer and jewelry maker.

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