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Entry #6: The Reveal

The Flash Fiction contest for August ends Friday. Voting begins Saturday. Let us know which one is your favorite.

Samantha tingled—this story would catapult her to Diane Sawyer’s co-anchor. Her conscience rested peacefully despite the ruthless escapades that got her here. She leaned toward the mirror again. Immaculate lipstick enhanced her bright-white teeth. The gloss added just the right sparkle.

Samantha poised for the cue. Egyptian collectibles sat among aromatic delicacies on a snack table. The aroma stole her attention, especially the lobster claw salad. She ignored her stomach’s protest.

“Ready in five…four…three…” Jack held up fingers, two…one. He pointed.

Photo by morguefile.com user mats

“Folks, we are live in Egypt, where two renowned archaeologists will reveal ‘The Meaning of Life.’ Some speculate these runes could be Moses’ auxiliary carving by the hand of God. Archeologists found the slate here in this hypethral.” She gestured to the unique building.

“Samantha,” Dusty Reigns interrupted, “how can an open ceiling protect this valuable artifact?”

Samantha paused. “Good question, Dustin.” She winked. “The artifact was discovered in a hermetically sealed vault and has not been exposed for thousands of years. The scientists have taken great precautions—they will speak to us via Skype for this reason.”

# # #

“Gustaf,” Dot hissed. “We cannot do this!”

“We have no choice.” He said, wiping fine silt from his wire-framed glasses.

“No one will believe!”

“Look, we have worked years together, published hundreds of articles. It’s time you reveal yourself and your knowledge.”

Dot spun and ambled away. She settled in a corner of the small, dry room.

Gustaf squatted in front of her. “Listen, I know this is difficult. But the truth is the truth. You are the one who studied the runes, translated them, understood their meaning. It is your destiny!”

He was right. The world had a right to know. This information was…transforming. She sprang to her feet. “Alright! Let’s do this.”

“Atta girl.” Gustaf scrambled to the equipment.

Dot circled the make-shift podium Gustaf had built precisely for her stature. She took a deep breath, then exhaled. He flipped a switch.

# # #

The monitors crackled. Jack waved frantically. Samantha popped the microphone to her mouth. “Folks, this is it. Let’s go now to Gustaf Fowler and Dot Beatitus, the two archaeologists of the millennium.” She paused, a perfect smile frozen in place. Jack switched to the monitor feed.

A podium stood empty. “We have toiled for years—” said a female voice.

“You’ll have to stand up,” A male voice whispered.

“What? Oh.” Dot rose. First, silver tufted ears, then her Persian face, appeared on the screen. She placed her white paws on the podium.

“Are you kidding me? A cat?” Samantha exclaimed. Jack hit mute on her microphone.

“We toiled for years to reveal the translation of these invaluable runes. This is life changing. Without further ado—” She cleared her throat. Gustaf moved the camera to the tablet. “These runes state: ‘You bring home a bit of fluff.’” Dot paused. “It’s Cat Wisdom. It means: Live life to the fullest. Bring home many wonderful memories. Enjoy everything you do. Be prepared for anything. Always find the good in everyone and everything. Life and events have purpose. Know this and you will know the meaning of life.” Dot nodded. Gustaf flipped the switch. The monitor went blank.

Samantha stood slack-jawed. Jack waved frantically and whispered, “Sam! You’re on.”

She forced a smile. “Well, there you have it folks—the meaning of life. This is Samantha Sayword reporting live. Back to you, Dusty.” She dropped the microphone and stomped to her trailer.

# # #

Jack cringed as the Airstream door slammed. A muffled scream emanated from the silver trailer.

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Writer, hoopdancer, photographer and jewelry maker.

2 comments on “Entry #6: The Reveal

  1. Sophie Dawson
    August 17, 2012

    LOL Very funny

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