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3 Hot Tips for Beginning Memoir Writers by Mary Benedetto

As a passionate advocate of capturing and preserving our life stories before they are forever lost, I sometimes encounter interesting responses to my announcement that, ”7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing: Build a Priceless Legacy One Story at a Time! will help you jump-start your memoir writing and go miles toward eliminating the inundated  feeling that can be associated with this type of project.”

 I’ve seen panic in their eyes as they respond in innumerable variations of, “There is no way I’m writing my stories. I carry too much bitterness for things that have occurred in my life. The last thing I want to do is relive those events.”

I always try to explain that I subscribe to the theory that one has every right to select the stories that they would feel comfortable revealing. There is no law that says you are required to tell all. Furthermore, I encourage them to consider the stories that they could enthusiastically share with their grandchildren, great-grands and beyond—stories about their own grandparents, parents, childhood memories, life as  young adults, marriage and career tales and onward  to travel and retirement stories if this is their current stage of life. Think about topics that might be fascinating to future generations who will be engaged in very different technology than what we currently utilize and, to them, would be absolutely foreign to the skills and technology we have known in the past.

My plea is that we not dismiss the idea of writing our stories because of hurtful experiences, difficult people in our lives, or perhaps poor choices that we made at one time or another. Why not focus on the positive events and experiences and share something rather than leaving no written legacy at all?

If no one in history had ever written autobiographies, journals and letters, we would have no insight as to  details of the normal everyday existence of people in prior centuries. It is so critical for us to supply our future family members with stories that will enlighten them about our own life experiences. Someday they will truly appreciate the time and effort we have expended in providing them with a written legacy of accounts of family life as we knew it.


1-Evaluate your goals. Are you writing for family only, or do you intend to publish your work in book form (print or ebooks) for the public to purchase? This can be a huge distinction in the effort and details necessary to consider and for finalization of the project.

2- Taking it one step at a time will enable you to exert more control over the project. Don’t allow the enormity of the overall task to overwhelm and paralyze you. 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing can help!

3- Take your time, and savor the memories.  Don’t feel as though you must capture everything immediately. You don’t need the added pressure of trying to write the entire compilation in one sitting, and you don’t have to remember every single breath you have ever breathed in life! Carefully pick and choose.

# # #

 For more information about Mary, see her Website: http://www.awriterspresence.com or blog Blog: http://www.maryannebenedetto.blogspot.com .If writing a memoir is of interest to you, check out her book. It’s only $2.99 for Kindle.

One comment on “3 Hot Tips for Beginning Memoir Writers by Mary Benedetto

  1. Deborah H. Bateman
    August 10, 2012

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have not written a whole memoir, but I have written individual stories about different parts of my life. Who knows one day they may all come together to be a memoir. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

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