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Entry #2: A Little Bit of Fluff

The Flash Fiction contest for August ends Friday. Voting begins Saturday. Let us know which one is your favorite.

I had done it now. When we married Dan had one request for me, that we not have a cat. Dogs were ok, but he really did not want a cat, especially an indoor cat. But when I walked into work today Sally had a basket of Fluff. When I looked closer there were three beautiful white kittens with crystal blue eye that just sparkled. One of them wrapped a paw around my finger and walked into my heart.

I spent my breaks at work playing with Crystal,  as I had named her, and trying to plan how to get around Dan’s edict. I would stop on the way home and buy a special supper, not lobster as Sally suggested, but his favorite bratwurst, fried potatoes and banana pudding. I would serve it out on the back porch with it’s hypethral view of the lake.

Everything was going according to plan. The bratwurst were grilling nicely, the potatoes sizzled in the skillet and the pudding was chilling in the refrigerator. I set the table on the porch. Ice tea sparkled in the pitcher. Surely this would soften Dan’s heart.

Now to figure out how to break the news. I tied a blue silk ribbon around Crystal’s neck and found a  basket for her to sleep in. Then I went into my stash of gifts. All year I gathered gifts for people so that I would always be ready for every occasion.  I had a special rock for Dan. It was covered with runes and I knew he would love to add it to his collection. I knew bribery was wrong, but maybe just this once?

I heard the front door open.

“Hello, sweetheart!” Dan called out his traditional greeting.

I answered with my own , ” I love you! How was your day?”

“Long, What’s for supper?”

I told him what we were having and he knew something was up. I said let’s just enjoy supper and then we will talk. So we went out on the porch and had an uneasy supper. I gave him the rune stone. He put on his glasses and carefully examined it . He said I did a good job and he would be proud to add it to his collectibles.

I decided now was a good time to bring out Crystal. I gave Dan a glass of tea and told him I would be right back. I fluffed her fur to make her look her best and carried her out to Dan.

“What is this?” He asked.

I replied hesitatingly, ” This is Crystal, our new kitty.”

“I don’t think so, we agreed no cats.”

” But isn’t she sweet? I really love her.”

“I’m sorry, but we agreed. Why don’t you call my sister and see if she would like a kitty for Elly?”

So with tears in my eyes, I  called my sister-in-law and offered her Crystal. She was thrilled as Elly had been asking for a cat. Dan offered to take the cat over, but I said no thank you and took her over myself. Elly was overjoyed.

I moped around all week, but tried not to pout when Dan was home. I have to admit I was not always successful at hiding my hurt.

Saturday morning Dan said let’s go for a ride. I agreed and off we went. After lunch we pulled up to his sisters house. I thought we were going to visit Crystal, but Dan just smiled and handed me a basket. Inside was a scrap of white fluff with shiny black eyes…an American Eskimo pup!


One comment on “Entry #2: A Little Bit of Fluff

  1. Well, that was a pretty good compromise. Bless him. I too am in a cat-less house after having cats for years. My husband is just not a fan. Well, he does love dogs, and I have a Brittany lap puppy. Not as fluffy as your American Eskimo pup, but certainly just as cuddly, even at the ripe old age of 4 years. Loved your post.

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