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Entry #1: Catnapped

The Flash Fiction contest for August ends Friday. Voting begins Saturday. Let us know which one is your favorite.

I lunged from the purse into open air. But when I hit the ground, arms locked around me like a boa constrictor. I fought violently to escape the woman’s grasp. Alas, she was too strong.

 As the sun set on the day, I realized my opportunity of escape had also set. I was stuck with this crazy woman.

I had been living in the lap of luxury at the Shop de la Pets before this debacle. I’d just had my nails done and eaten a fine meal before the woman snatched me from my palace. Who’d ever heard of handing over a few pieces of green paper in exchange for a life? Something nefarious was afoot, and I was the victim.

I, Felinious J. Cat, had been catnapped.

The loon of a woman carried me into her prison and released me. I bolted for the first doorway, seeking a quick escape into the kitchen.

Without warning, my white fur turned even whiter at the horror I spotted. A lone lobster sat in a tank, bound by claw-cuffs. His beady little eyes called out to me with helplessness. Who would do such a dreadful thing? I’d need to take him with me when I escaped.

I found another room, this time full of tiny collectibles in several cases. Stone runes and Japanese swords sat in the display case nearest me. One in particular was just my size. I positioned myself between the wall and the top of the case, then pushed hard, toppling it. The sound of shattering glass pierced the silence in the still prison. I swiped the tiny sword and strapped it to my back.

On the move again, I slipped from door to door until I found a room lined with clothes. If I were going to infiltrate the sleeping quarters of the catnapper later, I would need a disguise to cover my bright, white fur. I snatched a black dress and made short work of it. In moments, I was covered from head to tail in ninja garb.

I returned to the lobster tank in the next room and drew the sword. Lowering it into the claw of the lobster, he clamped down for dear life and I pulled him out. “Hold on, buddy,” I whispered. “I’m getting you out of here.”

As footsteps approached the artifact room, I headed out the opposite door back to the foray. I found my way to a courtyard with a hypethral where the sparkle of tiny stars glittered above. There, I entered an air vent and searched for an hour until I found the catnapper’s bedroom. She was already fast asleep.

I dislodged the vent panel and lowered myself over the woman. I removed the claw-cuffs and let the lobster latch on to the catnapper’s nose. She shot out of the bed with a shriek.

At that, I grabbed my lobster companion, strapped him on my back once again, and fled the room. I slid around a corner on the slick marble floor, careening toward the entryway. Jumping, I latched onto the front door handle, and it clicked. The door moved only a few inches outward, but that was enough. I dropped to the floor and slipped out.


Suddenly, something intoxicated me, tickling my nostrils.

My goodness! Catnip! Oh, sweet catnip! I tried to resist the urge, but it was impossible. It was like kitty-cryptonite! I wallowed in it with pure joy.

Abruptly, a hand grabbed my pelt, and I was flung back into the prison by the catnapper. That blasted catnip would be the end of me!


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