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Escape by Kathryn C. Lang

She stood on the stone look out and watched the sun settle into the night. The wind swept small waves across the lake before reaching out to curl a loose piece of hair around her face. She longed to stay like that forever, but that would not be possible.

A sigh escaped and prompted the baby inside her to do a little roll. “It’s for you.” She rubbed her stomach to soothe the one inside.

Her thoughts were soon lost again in the breeze and the disappearing sun. She had known, even before she came into the fold, she had an idea of the power. That was not what had her on the edge. It was the reach. She watched the fading light dance on the waves washing into the shore of the lake and she imagined a monster underneath. It did not take much of an imagination.

She felt like one of those ships from the tales of old sea captains – the ones where the ships were attacked and often destroyed by the giant squids and other sea monsters. Their reach was like that. Every time you thought you were in finally in safe water, another tentacle would reach out and grab you, pulling you under once again.

“They will never let you leave.” He had been her friend from the moment she came into the fold. He was like her in so many ways, but completely different at the same time. Others around them joked that he was the she version of her and visa versa. Their friendship floated outside the realm of the family and she knew she could trust him with her life – and the life of the one inside her.

“I have to try.” She looked around again just to be sure they were alone. The moment she had been connected to the leader, being alone had become almost impossible. She was allowed to walk with him only because it was the one request she had made. She had long ago started to dream about a time when she could listen to the wind without worrying about who was watching her.

“What can I do?” She wanted him to reach out and hold her. She needed that more right now than ever before. They were alone, but they both knew eyes were watching. The monster under the water did not reside there alone. He would never break through that barrier. All he could offer her was words and words were only a vapor at the moment – soon to be burned up and gone by what would lie ahead.

“They will come to you first. They know our friendship. The less you know the better. But try to listen. Try to hear about my fate and the fate of my child. Then, if the opportunity allows and the pressure is off, you can do what you need to do to ensure our safety.”

He nodded and then stepped away from her for a moment. It was the signal. She walked down the ramp and around the corner and slid into the taxi that she had waiting at the bottom of the hill. It was the only taxi in town, so tracing her this far would not be difficult. She had planned for that as well.

Across the bridge, the taxi pulled off into a park. An empty car sat alone in the now abandoned park. This would be her life, at least for now. Empty cars, abandoned parks and changes that would keep them guessing. She knew it would take so much more than she had at the moment.

The sun had fallen behind the mountains, and now it was the light of oncoming traffic that danced (only now it was on the windshield of the car she had purchased the day before). Her first stop would be Baton Rouge. It would be a long drive, and into unfamiliar territory for her, but it would be unexpected. Her only hope of survival for both of them would be to stay one step ahead.


2 comments on “Escape by Kathryn C. Lang

  1. Traci B
    July 27, 2012

    Mysterious, Kat! Excellent use of “baton” too. I wondered how you would work it into the story.

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