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Pauline Creeden’s Review of Something Stirs by Thomas Smith

Stephen King said in his book On Writing that he was not above the gross out factor. Meaning if he couldn’t scare you in a scene, he’d certainly at least try to gross you out. In this book, I’d say that Thomas Smith is not above the “creep out factor.” Meaning that though Something Stirs might not be a terrifying, heart-stopping read, it definitely creeped me out.

Christian Horror/Suspense is my favorite genre, and this book does the genre justice. I’ve heard many times that people don’t understand this genre, or didn’t know it existed, but it is growing fast and catching steam. Why? Because evil is real, and Christian Horror/Suspense faces it head on. But instead of coming out with a wooden stake and a silver bullet as secular horror does, a Christian horror novel realizes Who defeats the evil one. Thomas Smith, in this novel, gives credit where it is due, and doesn’t do much in the way of whitewashing the existence of evil. Kudos to him for that!

At times the handling of a hero’s peril is handled a bit with kid gloves. Just when some characters are on the verge of being harmed, they coincidentally get out of the way of harm. Unfortunately that often meant that someone else became the victim of the horror’s wrath, in this “haunted house” gone awry.

If you are a fan of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but want a bit more faith affirming read, this is book aims to please. If you’re a Christian who has been disappointed with the over abundance of bonnets and buggies that permeate much of Christian Fiction, maybe it’s time to check out this rising genre? Something Stirs is a solid opener and a good place to start.


Pauline Creeden is a Top Reviewer for Amazon and the author of The Prodigal Life, and other devotionals. You can follow her adventures and advice at Fat Free Faith.


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