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Review: The Earth Painter

Review by Pauline Creeden

More often than not, young adult books are read by both the teens and their mothers these days. The good ones can transcend age, birthing a nostalgic feel  as the reader remembers his/her own high school years and fears. Paranormal romance is a hot seller, because teens and adults alike have a curiosity and affinity for all things they cannot understand.

One of the strongest elements of good paranormal romance include a specific mystery: Who is this guy? Why is he different from everyone else? And why does he choose to treat me as though I am special?

Throughout history, young love always asks these questions, doesn’t it?

In The Earth Painter, the young protagonist feels she cannot live up to the standards of beauty her mother has set, so she doesn’t try. Through verbal abuse, her mother has instilled such a low self-esteem in Holly, she doesn’t see how anyone could think her beautiful or special. When she meets a lonely young man who thinks she’s beautiful, Holly thinks he’s making fun of her.  Melissa Lee paints a realistic story of life as a teenager who has always done her best to stay out of the limelight, only to find it is exactly the place she has always belonged.

Captivating me from page one of the premise, I did my best not to read the book in one sitting. Instead I read it in two. I tried to take my time in reading this story, as I need to discuss it in my book club.

Unlike most paranormal romances, ghosts and vampires do not populate this novel. The “immortals” in the story line are actually more believable.  The book is a thoroughly clean read, although it deals with many tough and necessary issues. Even though I received an advance reader copy of the Kindle edition, I bought a paperback copy of the book to share with a teen I mentor.

The author is working on a sequel, and I am anxiously awaiting the second part of the story. Although it didn’t exactly end as a cliffhanger, the bittersweet ending leaves the reader ready for the next installment.

The WINNER OF THE KINDLE EDITION GIVEAWAY is Cherry Crawford! Congratulations!


Pauline Creeden is a Top Reviewer for Amazon and the author of The Prodigal Life, and other devotionals. You can follow her adventures and advice at Fat Free Faith.


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