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Guest Blogger Linda Yezak

Why Romance?

Want to know why I write romance? Because I stink at mysteries. That’s the honest answer. Shattered Crystal, my police procedural, with all the procedures based on Law and Order episodes, turned out to be unrealistic. Go figure. My second attempt, a cozy mystery, remains unfinished in a drawer.

I never wanted to be a romance writer because, for some reason, I always thought it was trite, and to a certain extent, yeah, it is. It’s fluff. But I’ve come to realize it’s not irrelevant.

The God-given need for a heart connection transcends time and cultural differences. The scruffy guy whose palms sweat the instant he sees her is having the same reaction as his forefathers. The young lady in Indiana who is counting the moments until she can see him again shares an anticipation experienced by young ladies all over the globe.

Romance is in virtually every story. Pick one. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has a romantic element in it. Even in “Space: the final frontier,” Star Trek‘s Capt. Kirk could find someone attractive.

Whenever boy meets girl–the girl–his step is lighter, his chest is puffed a bit fuller, his heart is elated, and his tongue is often tied in intricate knots that makes talking nigh unto impossible.

When girl meets the boy, she’s friskier than a Friesian filly in spring flowers. Her step, too, is lighter, her heart full. When he stutters words of love through this tangled tongue, all she hears is poetry. Her mind takes her down the aisle in a gown she has dreamed about since Cinderella lived “happily ever after.”

Love affects every aspect of life. The worst possible work day can turn golden with the realization that when it’s over, someone who loves you is waiting. The best possible work day holds only a short celebration when you have no one to share it with. Once love has been experienced, the loss of it changes you forever. Loneliness has never felt more lonely.

The triumph and tragedy of love make for great stories. Love’s progression from romantic to mature makes for inspirational stories.

And the silly things that can happen when boy meets girl make for heartwarming stories. Like.

Some of the reader comments I received after Ride‘s debut last year let me know that love stories aren’t just fluff–they touch people. They give those who are searching for love something to dream about, and those who have found it something to remember. Tragic love stories can hit home–“I’ve been there,” or “Please, don’t let that happen to us.”

Love matters. Love counts. Love stories are worth writing.

And Give the Lady a Ride was fun to write!


Linda W. Yezak holds a BA in English, a graduate certificate in Paralegal Studies, and a bucket list as long as her arm. Among the things on the list is owning a stable full of horses, and since that’s not likely to happen any time soon, she includes horses in each of her novels, from her contemporary western romance Give the Lady a Ride and her current work, The Cat Lady’s Secret, to her work-in-progress, a contemporary western romance series tentatively called “Family First.” Until the day she can retire with her husband to their land in Central Texas and ride to her heart’s content, she’ll continue with her writing and freelance editing careers.


2 comments on “Guest Blogger Linda Yezak

  1. Traci B
    May 10, 2012

    Linda, I can relate so much to this post. I started out trying to write sci-fi and fantasy, since that’s what I liked to read at the time, but none of my early efforts held my interest long enough to finish them. I tried mystery – a story about a hotel where the lounge’s Bloody Marys were to die for and far too many guests died or disappeared (came up with that one when I realized “murder” spelled backwards is “red rum” – not that you put rum in Bloody Marys, but I was 14; what did I know about bartending?). That fell flat too – I was too young and unknowledgeable to write about such things, and there was no Internet at the time for research.

    So, I gave up on writing novels and stuck to poetry for years. When the idea for Chantal’s Call came to me, I didn’t plan to inject a romantic element into it, but girl met boy – and they hijacked the plot. The heart can’t be suppressed, and apparently I’m a romantic at heart. 🙂

  2. Linda Yezak
    May 19, 2012

    Love that story, Traci. Sounds like it worked for you! Best of luck with Chantal’s Call!

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