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Guest Blogger Kathryn Lang

Getting Started with a Writing Career, Part One

Becoming a successful writer begins with the ability to write. It moves over into the realm of persistence where you have to be determined to continue pursuing the writing until the story is done. A successful career in writing requires an ability to tear up the precious work that took so many hours to create in order to make something even better. The final leg for launching a career lies in an ability to market the words that are molded into perfection.

Knowing the tools and how to use them will make the process run smoother. Every journey will be a little different, but the components that will make the trip will be the same.

Plot a Path to Grow a Writing Career

1. Write for the love of writing and not because you expect to make money through the process. It can take years to build up a career to a place where it produces a substantial income. It will take a heart with a passion for words to continue down the path.

2. Write to tell a story. There are those that write what is popular to be in a position to sell. Readers are smart, and they expect more. Give them more and you will have fans for life instead of just readers for a moment.

3. Keep writing until the story ends. Everyone has a story inside them, but only a small percentage start to tell that story and even a smaller percentage write until the story is complete. Be part of the smaller percentage and develop a persistency in your writing that will push you to the end.

4. Be willing to sacrifice the words you crafted. There will be times when the first words are the right words. More often than not, the first words will have to be cut and clipped and twisted to become the right words. It takes a tough heart to tear at the creation to grow the best craft.

5. Get your work (and your name) in front of others. Find ways to shine the light on the words you create. Take one step at a time and focus attention and effort on that step until you feel confident in your ability and your results.

6. Ask for the sale. Every successful salesperson will tell you that the key to being on top is to sell your products. It is important to find a way to present your abilities to others – whether it is through book signings or press releases.

Building a career in anything takes more than one shot. You have to be willing to invest, commit and then persist in the pursuit of the dream. Becoming a writer starts with the writing and then continues to the close. Write the story and then sell the dream to build your writing career.


Kathryn Lang shares words of encouragement and inspiration as an author, speaker and columnist. See more at Successful Freelance Writer. She is the author of Practical Proverbs, and other books on Christian Living.


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