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Guest Blogger Carol Peterson

In March, Carol shared the first article in this series that deals with setting and achieving of goals. It can be found here: Setting Goals. Ready for the first review of the goals you set? 


We did it. We set those writing goals. But that was January (March for us here at Readers’ Realm). April has arrived, and with it, a quarter of the year has slid off the pages of our calendar, leaving the edges worn and crumpled. How did you do? Did you march triumphantly toward your goals? If so, “Wahoo! Yippee! Good going, friend!”

Or did you wander into a ditch?

Now is the time to take our bearings. Where were we headed? How far did we get? Did we take a scenic path toward a new goal?

Part of having goals is re-evaluating them from time to time. Quarterly reviews give us enough time to make progress; but not enough time to stray too far off track.

I found myself taking a new path this year. I had prioritized my original goals to
1) Work on marketing and promotion;
2) Learn web design;
3) Work on three specific picture books;
4) Revise my MG novel; and
5) Finish a HRD (“horrible rough draft”) of my YA.

By mid January an idea for a teacher resource refused to sit politely in the corner. By February I had prepared a proposal; by March I had a contract. That meant I was committed to writing and illustrating a 350-page manuscript.

So now I had a new goal that took priority over all the others because it was bound by a contract. Meanwhile I had made progress on marketing and Power Point and still wanted to keep my other goals in mind even if they moved down in importance. So now my goals for the rest of the year (prioritized) are:
1) Complete teacher resource manuscript, including illustrations, and front and back matter. Submit to my editor by the end of the year (ahead of schedule);
2) Work on marketing and promotion;
3) Work on web design and
4) Work on PBs, MG and YA as time allows.
Hey that works!

Separately I planned how I intend to accomplish each of these four goals by creating mini goals with deadlines and more detailed thoughts on how to accomplish them. You can detail similar “hows” and “whens” (like a map) to keep you from getting lost.

Sit yourself down and analyze your goals. We still have nine whole months; three whole quarters; more than 250 days left in this year. How do you want to spend that time pursuing the craft of writing?
Accountability helps. Please post your review—what you originally set out to do; how you’re doing now; and any goal revisions you are making for the rest of the year.

Whatcha waitin’for? Q3? It’ll be here before you know it!

# # #


Carol Peterson is a writer with a heart for encouragement, sharing parables of faith on her blog From Carol’s Quill and making learning fun in Fun with Finance and other teacher resource books.


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