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Interview with Paulette Harper

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

To be totally honest, I would have to say no.  I actually started my publishing journey in my mid-forties. It was during a major transition in my life that the passion and desire to write became apparent.  I wrote my first non-fiction book in 2007, and it was released in 2008; and I have continued to release a book each year thereafter.

What’s your writing process?

Before doing anything, I make sure I’m in a quiet area, free from distractions. When I’m ready to write, I sit at my laptop and begin writing. Depending on the chapter I’m working on, that determines the direction I’ll go. I am able to write as long as there is a constant flow.

What time of day do you find best for writing, and why?

I find that writing in the morning is the best time for me.   I live a very productive life with family, church, and juggling my businesses.  Therefore, if I don’t start my day off in this fashion, everything else will pull from my time and attention.

What non-famous person has had the most influence on your writing?

Several of my girlfriends have had a major influence on my writing career. Their prayers, encouragement, and support from day one has helped me develop and mature as a writer.

What famous person would you love to hear has read your book?

I’d love to hear that Tyler Perry has read one of my books. Tyler Perry is a writer, actor, author, and movie producer.  I believe it is in the heart of some authors to write a book that ultimately becomes a movie.

Could you tell us your favorite quote from a reviewer?

One person that read “Completely Whole” had to say this about the book: “It speaks.”

Do you write your first draft on a computer, typewriter, or with pen and paper?

The use of my laptop is the tool I use for writing.  Occasionally, I can jot down an idea or thought on paper.

Do your books help your ministry outreach?

Yes.  When you become a published author, people see you as an expert in your field.  Having my books available has created a greater platform for me as a speaker, coach, and author.

Do you enjoy reading?

Yes. I thoroughly enjoy reading the works of well-seasoned writers. Reading other people’s work helps me to develop and improve my skills.

What genres do you most enjoy?

The genre I most enjoy is both Christian non-fiction and fiction.

Your current titles are all non-fiction. Have you ever had a desire to write fiction?

Funny you should ask. I’m currently working on my first Christian fiction book. The first of two installments in the Trinity Lake series is called “The Sanctuary.” I’m extremely excited to be able to introduce to readers another side of my writing ability. My first two books as well as the two anthologies were non-fiction.

Where can readers connect with you?

E-Mail: info@pauletteharper.com

Blog: www.pauletteharper.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/6wq6mog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/pauletteharper

Linkedin:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top

Website: http://pauletteharper.com

Business website: http://writenowlit.blogspot.com


Paulette Harper Johnson, an award winning author, writing coach, and speaker, seeks to inspire women from all walks of life.  She is the author of Completely Whole. Paulette is a wife, mother, grandmother, Bible teacher, radio host, and writer. She has been mentoring and teaching women for years though seminars, workshops and conferences.


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  1. Paulette Harper Johnson
    April 16, 2012

    Thanks so much for the feature

  2. realmofreaders
    April 17, 2012

    Thanks for joining us!

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