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Bloggers Helping Bloggers

by Kathryn Lang

Recently I attended open mic night over at #blogchat–and if you have never attended a Twitter chat then you should. It is an experience.

Open mic night means you can talk about ANYTHING-–a dangerous option for a bunch of bloggers. But it started and we started and then I asked . . .

What is the top tip you would give to a new blogger that you learned from your own experience?

Tips from #blogchat: Bloggers Helping Bloggers

1. Be consistent.

More bloggers at #blogchat seemed to feel that consistency was the key to growing your blog. They all agreed that the frequency could vary from website to website. Just be sure that if you can only post once a week then only post once a week until you can build up to a consistent level higher than that.

2. Back-link.

Incorporate links from your content to relevant content at other sites. You provide your readers with more information and you also make the search engines more aware of your site by linking to other sites around the internet. Keep them links relevant to your post and your niche.

3. Write what you love.

Passion will fly off the paper and ignite the excitement in your readers. The more excitement you have for the content the easier it will be to sit down and create the content. The easier it is to create the content the better it will read. Focus on the subjects and topics that are most important to your own heart.

4. Perfection is over-rated.

Nothing will ever be perfect to everyone. That means that some people will NOT be happy with what you create, how you create or where you create. Do the best that you can do and understand that you can never do any more than that. 


The secrets to building a successful blog really are not secrets at all. Consistency, relationships, passion, and not seeking perfection will get you to the end that you desire.

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Kathryn Lang shares words of encouragement and inspiration as an author, speaker and columnist. See more at Successful Freelance Writer. She is the author of Practical Proverbs, and other books on Christian Living.

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