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March Flash Fiction Prompt – Video Inspiration

Why not give it a try?

For more information about this month’s writing prompt and how to submit yours, see our sister site: http://readersrealmforms.blogspot.com/

This week’s 2 winners were chosen based on brevity and imagination:

A Short by Sylvia Stewart

He’s daydreaming again! Why can’t he just pay attention to me? I bet I know what’s going through his mind. Something silly! (Her internal dialogue took on a mocking sing-song quality.) “A lion came to the edge of the woods. Before him, three lambs feasted on the green grass of the verdant valley floor. La-dee-dah, la-dee-day, la-dee-dah!” He’s the silliest man you’ll find in a 9-days’ march! Although, I’m told that all writers are that way. But he needs a PINCH!


Lion or Lamb? by Sheila Hollinghead

Flowers and doilies? Paint the walls that shade of green–mint didn’t she say? And now this?

I run my fingers through my hair and shake my head at my wife. “Pink-cushioned pews? You’re kidding, right?”

She glares at me as if she wants to pinch my head off. “It’s not pink!” She strokes the fabric and sighs. “This is rose.”

“Do you want to run every man out of the church building?”

She closes her eyes a moment, as if praying for strength, before speaking through gritted teeth. “What’s wrong with rose? It’s a color of peace. And Jesus was the lamb of peace, wasn’t he?”

“Do you remember Jesus was also the lion of Judah?” I walk over to the corner where samples are stashed. “I have an idea. Why don’t we use this?” I proudly pull out a wood plank and stroke it just as lovingly as she had stroked the fabric.

“What do you want to do with that?” she demands.

“Cover the walls, of course.”

Her mouth gapes open and her eyes widen. “It will look like a hunting lodge in here!”

“We are on the hunt for lost souls, aren’t we?” I sigh and shake my head again. “Jesus is summed up in love. But what is love? Isn’t it battling for lost souls? It’s not all roses and pink hearts.” I take my wife’s hand. “Love means demanding the best, equipping Christian soldiers to march into the fray, giving them a sword.”

“A sword? Are you crazy? Jesus doesn’t approve of swords! He rebuked Peter. Oh, if we could go back to the era of the flower child. Do you remember that picture of the young man putting a flower in the barrel of a rifle? If everyone could only love like that!”

“Yes, but that’s not reality. The world is filled with evil forces. We must arm ourselves with the sword, God’s word, as we march into battle. That takes courage.”

“But shouldn’t we beautify the church building? Surely, God’s not against beauty.”

“No, he gave you great beauty, didn’t he?” I pull her to me, and she resists only slightly before snuggling her head beneath my chin. We stand there for a moment, and I feel her relax against me.

“Let me see that plank again,” she says as she pulls away.

She slides her fingers along the grain stopping at a knot.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” I try to keep from grinning.

“These knots do give it character.” She smiles up at me.

“See the knots that make the wood so beautiful? Those were weak spots that fibers grew around to strengthen the wood.”

She bites her bottom lip, and I place my hand on hers.

“Life is a struggle.” I say. “It takes great bravery to endure it. We need courageous men to stand firm in the faith.”

“And you think this will make men more likely to attend services?”

“I do.”

She sighs and her eyes soften. “I love the wood. Beauty can be found in even rugged things.” She reaches to stroke my stubbled chin.

“Okay. Agreed? No frilly girly things?” I watch hopefully.

She nods. “Agreed.”

“Still want to pinch me?” I tease.

Her cheeks blush rose. The same shade of rose as the material.

I pick up the material and lay it over the plank and survey it. “You know, that looks good together.”

We laugh, and I catch her hand and kiss her palm.

God’s fibers have strengthened and beautified another plank.

I gather her once again into my arms.


Your Turn – think you can do better?
The March Prompt


Flash Fiction in Readers’ Realm’s March Contest is read and chosen by Tommie Lyn, author of Fiction in a Flash and many novels.  Find out more about Tommie at her website Tommie Lyn Writes.


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