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5 Tools for Platform Building Success

by Kathryn Lang

Building anything requires having the right tools. My husband and I purchased our home in the fall of 1995 and all we owned was a chainsaw and a hammer. We managed to do a lot of the work on the house with those two tools, although nothing was perfect and my husband always saw the flaws.

Tornadoes hit our community in April of 2011. Most of our home had to be completely redone, and we hired professionals to tackle the task this time around. They had more tools than you could shake a stick at. The finished product they produced was picture worthy.

Tools also make the difference for writers.

Building a platform – those things that hold up your career – also requires tools. You, the writer, may make something usable or tolerable using a few basic tools, but something that will push you to your limit means getting the best tools and using them in the right fashion.

Let’s look at five things you need to build your platform.

5 Tools for Building a Writing Platform

Conferences – Attending conferences associated with your writing genre or your niche industry will help build expertise in your field. You create new connections or expand those that are already in existence. You also get a chance to present your products to the public.

Speaking Opportunities – Writers have to be speakers (and it does not hurt for speakers to be writers). It may only be the local library or book store, but getting your face – and your products – in front of others will help you with selling today and tomorrow.

Social Media – The internet has opened up new areas for adding planks to your platform. Mastering Twitter, FaceBook, and other social sites will potentially connect you to a massive consumer base and also help you build an ally army that will spread the word about your events and products.

Websites/Blogs – Creating content that explains your position, exposes readers to your abilities or just introduces visitors to your services will help expand your reach.

Articles/Guest Posts – Writing for others exposes you to a new audience. Choose places that are connected to your genre or niche. Getting paid is a bonus – you are basically looking for a byline that includes links to your own social media or websites.

If you build it, they will come. In this situation, it means that if you put in the effort to build your unique platform – by stacking planks one at a time in an order that suits your situation and focuses on your abilities or skills – it will help create an atmosphere for sales.

Invest some time to learn the different tools available for building your platform and then put them to work in your journey to success!


Kathryn Lang shares words of encouragement and inspiration as an author, speaker and columnist. See more at Successful Freelance Writer. She is the author of Practical Proverbs, and other books on Christian Living.

4 comments on “5 Tools for Platform Building Success

  1. Kat, Great post. Concise and useful. Having the list with short explanations is so much better than long paragraphs. Very good.

  2. Kathryn Lang
    March 7, 2012

    @ Sophie Dawson – thank you for taking the time to visit the site and read the article. I like having the lists myself because it makes it easier for me to break the article down into a process for my own life.

    Have a great day!

  3. Tommie Lyn
    March 7, 2012

    Great post with lots of helpful info. Thanks!

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